Monday, November 3, 2014

No one says "Tomato".

And you know which pronunciation I mean. So, here I am again, with a recipe that is sort of a recipe. I mean it is a recipe, but I just don't have the instructions. Let me explain.
Have you ever see "Julie & Julia"? Well, if you haven't you should. I got my copy from the $5 display of DVDs at Target. In one scene Julie is making Bruschetta. Every time I watch it my mouth just waters seeing the bread frying in a skillet on her stove and then she cuts up tomatoes that look great. And I don't even like tomatoes. Anyway, so every time I watch that scene, I think "I need to make that."
Well, here just see for yourself:

That's the scene. Doesn't it look fantastic? When I went to grocery shop I was determined to purchase the ingredients for it. The one thing though is that there is like, no set recipe for it. Its up to interpretation. But at the same time there are like, 4 ingredients. I though I could handle that. And I did! With no real recipe to guide me. Just what I saw in the movie. So, shall we get started?

Tomatoes, olive oil, basil, and bread. In the movie they ate some sort of sausage and I thought that was a good simple protein to go with it.

I just followed the package directions for that, and aside from burning it slightly...It turned out fine.
I think the amount of tomatoes was a little too much for two people, but it turned out OK, my husband ate the leftovers that same day. I diced up the tomatoes and the basil (which was fresh-ish, but a step up from dried which is usually what I always use) and tossed them with a little salt.

Now for the part I was really looking forward too. Pan searing the bread! Or is it pan frying? Anyway, I just put some olive oil in the pan and set the burner to medium heat and patiently waited.

And look at that fantastic result! I mean, come on! It was perfect! Now the sausage...

It was just a little crispier than it should have been, it tasted just fine.

As you can see my second batch got just a little darker, but still tasted great!

Before you ask, yes I did eat this. I am not a fan of basil. I think I would go a little less on that and I would've liked it a lot more. Also I don't really like tomatoes. Yeah, I think I just wanted the bread. But my husband liked it plenty! He ate pretty much all of it, and the leftovers. Well, enjoy!

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